A downloadable game for Windows and macOS

August 2016 🍒UPDATE🍒: Made that one too-hard level a little easier!

A toy, a treasure hunt, and a tiny bit of philosophy. Made with LÖVE for #LOWREZJAM 2016



Thing In Itself (updated)_WIN64.zip 3 MB
Thing In Itself (updated)_OSX.zip 3 MB

Install instructions

The .zip files contain executables for Windows (64b) and Mac OSX.

The .love file can be run after installing LÖVE, found at https://love2d.org/.

April 2018 update: Sorry, but I have to hide the .love file as it will longer work with Löve 0.11.0. The Windows- and OSX-specific executables should still work.


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Wow this is a great concept. Really creative variety of puzzles :) 

Thanks a lot! :)